Corporate Safety

Did you know? According to the statistics of the National Safety Council, Flying is the safest mode of transport compared to other forms of transportation. Flying is also the fastest growing mode where travelling the seven seas is now as simple as 'hopping into a plane' (literally). Nonetheless, Xpress Air continues to strive to ensure that all passengers can enjoy the utmost level of safety when on air.

Our Commitment to Safety is a Priority that starts from the health and safety of employees, staff and crew until the close pursue of applicable safety Management regulations that meets National and International Standardizations. The management of Hazard Identification and Risk Management, with continuous developments in terms of Safety Management Systems for all our aviation activities, uphold the highest level of importance to us.

The "3S + 1C" is a declaration signed by the Indonesian government with ICAO, to improve the Safety of it's aviation system that reads "Safety, Security, Service, and Compliance". The "3S + 1C" has been the stepping-stones for Xpress Air to comply with safety regulations and also its Motto.

  • SAFETY: A Safety Conscious effort with an Incident-Prevention notion is diligently followed by the entire team; employees, managers and supervisors. Our CEO has the final responsibility, authority and accountability for all safety processes.
  • SECURITY: The implementation of Safety and Security in flight and on ground is complied with the Occupational Health and Safety Environment, meeting both company policies as well as customer expectations.
  • SERVICE: Providing exceptional service is our blood; enhancing profitable growth and shareholder value.
  • COMPLIANCE: A strong and deep compliance towards regulatory requirements and systems procedures.

PT. TRAVEL XPRESS AVIATION SERVICES objective is to cultivate and foster a "JUST Safety" Culture, where employees and customers are comfortably encouraged to bring safety concerns to the attention of management with no form of apprehension.


Corporate Safety

Safety objectives have been established in conjunction with the Garuda Indonesia Safety Policy.

  • To identify and eliminate hazardous conditions
  • To perform hazard and risk analysis for all proposed new equipment acquisitions, facilities, operations and procedures and mitigate the risk to an acceptable level
  • To provide relevant Safety Management System (SMS) education and training to all personnel
  • To provide a safe, healthy work environment for all personnel
  • To minimize accidents/incidents attributable to organizational factors
  • To prevent damage and injury to property and people resulting from company operations
  • To improve the effectiveness of the safety management system through regular safety audits that review all aspects of the SMS to make continuous improvements to the overall level of safety
  • To provide continuous monitoring and regular assessment of safety levels
  • To ensure compliance with Indonesia DGCA (CASR 121), International Regulation (ICAO) and international best practices industry (IATA) standards